Engage Hope Ministries

About Engage Hope Ministries

Our mission is to glorify God by sharing the gospel and making disciples of Jesus Christ through partnerships with Christian ministries in the countries we serve and through short-term mission trips that demonstrate the love of Christ through evangelistic, medical, and educational outreaches.

Engage Hope is a nonprofit Christian ministry dedicated to transforming lives and communities through the power of God’s love in Uganda. Based in Plano, Texas, Engage Hope was founded in 2010 after a mission trip to Uganda ignited a passion and calling for a vulnerable population devastated by war and the AIDS epidemic. Millions of children were left orphaned, destitute, and struggling to survive with no hope for the future. Engage Hope was created to serve the people of this country and transform lives and communities for Christ.

Engage Hope partners with Christian churches, schools, orphanages, and other outreach ministries who are making a difference for Christ in their communities. We currently work with ten Ministry Partners in Uganda to help provide Christian education, clean water, food, housing, malnutrition treatment, medical care, and sustainability training to meet the physical and spiritual needs of impoverished children and families in their communities. We believe that meeting the physical needs of those we serve opens the door to ministering to them spiritually. Every program or ministry we support – every resource God provides is used for one purpose – to earn the right to share the gospel in that community and make disciples for Jesus Christ.